Just 2 more weeks

My first exam is in less than a week’s time, and I’ve only just started revising. Not great. Revising in quiet places poses a issue, namely that my mind begins to wander without me evening meaning it to and before you know it I’m looking down at a page of notes I don’t actually remember writing. Today it’s wandering around why coming back to Warwick hasn’t made me feel quite the way I thought it would, it doesn’t quite feel like the  new mindset I was hoping coming back would encourage, and that’s probably because the next two weeks are the metaphorical hangover of the last term which I’d quite like to put behind me (work wise, everything outside of my degree last term was pretty amazing). It got to the point where it was going through my head so many times that I needed to write it down, so there is. Now back to work, and to looking forward to a degree free of economics and statistics that I was meant to be able to forget about when I handed in my undergraduate dissertation.

P.S. The other thing is I think I’m actually a bit homesick (you think I’d be used to this by now having had 4 years away from home). I think it’s because this Christmas I’ve realised just how truly lucky I am to have parents who have given me everything I could ever wish for, and that despite the flaws which they (and indeed everybody else in the world, including me) have, I love them more than anything.


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