A note for my Dad

Hi there Dad,

This one’s a bit weird to write, because I know you’re going to read it because it’s pretty set in my mind now that at some point soon (before I next see you) I’m going to share this all with people. So I decided I should write something to you too, because I can’t very well write something for Mum and leave you out now can I (you’d never let me live it down).

I think the thing I need to say most to you is ‘thank you’. Because I know you’re trying really hard to support me and to spend more time with me, to make sure that I’m okay. I’ve loved getting to spend lunches with you talking about all manner of random things, like you telling me what SPSS was like when you were a student, or how when we went to the Natural History Museum when I was little you thought how great it would be if one of your books was one day on sale in the shop there…only to discover 5 minutes later that actually, you’d already done that (and I’m really proud because how cool is that!). Plus you’re random emails of things that you think I’d find interesting or little messages of encouragement always make my day that little bit better.

I know we haven’t always seen eye-to-eye on things, that we can argue like cat and dog and that we’re both as stubborn as each other, but I know that everything you’ve done for me over the years has been because you care about me, want to protect me and want me to be happy, and over the past month I can honestly say you’ve excelled yourself.



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