Blue Mondays ain’t so blue

So apparently the third Monday in January is ‘Blue Monday’, aka ‘the most depressing day of the year.’ Which is ironic, because for me it was one of my best days so far. I managed to attend my 3-hour lecture, I didn’t spend the entirety of the day feeling like a zombie just wanting to go and hide in my bed and go to sleep, I managed to pay attention to things. I could even tell you what we were talking about in my lecture (until I phased out when I became distracted by blogging…). And I started taking the latest in the long line of medications that my doctor has been trying me with, and they, in conjunction with the ones I’ve been taking for the past two months, seem to genuinely be helping. I managed to wake up at a normal time on Tuesday, I’ve eaten meals that I’ve normally skipped, and I’ve continued to be able to do things without feeling like I’m completely zoned out of it all. I’ve found there have been random moments when I’ve been happy and smiling for no other reason that just being happy – it’s a very weird, unusual feeling.

There’s still a little part of me that’s waiting for this happy little buzz to vanish, but I’m hoping it won’t, at least not for a while anyway.


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