Hello there,

Originally I wasn’t going to have one of these ‘About’ pages, but I’ve written so much now that I imagine it’s probably easier to have one for anyone who manages to stumble across my blog and doesn’t have time to scroll through countless posts to try and figure out ‘What is this girl going on about?’.

Well, I grew up in a lovely little village in North Wales. I studied Psychology at Durham University for three years, and now I’m studying a Masters degree at Warwick University.

I have a huge love for cameras and photography (hence having a blog where I can share my photos alongside blog posts), artsy lights (sparked by the wonderful Lumiere festival I experienced as a second-year), books (I have more books on my to-read list that I can count) and blogging about my recovery from mental illness.

I’ve experienced various mental health issues of varying degrees of severity since I was about 12-years-old (I’m 22 now). It started with anxiety, then when I was 19 depression started to creep in, and set in properly when I started to experience PTSD when somebody attempted to sexually assault me.

Initially I didn’t share what I was writing with anybody, I kept this blog secret for about a month. But when I went into recovery at the start of 2016 I decided to share it, and was fortunate enough to receive a level of support I couldn’t have even dreamed of, and it’s given me the guts to continue to write and share my mental health experiences to try and show that even when it feels like everything is against you, it can get better (plus it has the purely selfish perk of making me feel better about things).

Believing that you can get better is one of the biggest challenges you face when you’re going through the most difficult times of your life, but you can do it. You really can.



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